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Amelie Lash Washing, for daily use, keeps your eyelids healthy, clean and fresh. Its rich foam removes all oils, proteins, eye makeup and impurities from your lashes while enhancing their natural shine. The perfect lash care product or kit. It is a perfect addition to the service and care of the client's eye makeup remover. For better lash retention, deep clean your client's lashes after removing them, then apply mascara and adhesive.
Our Lash Washing is a very gentle, lightweight and oil-free formula that effectively removes eye and eyelid makeup without weakening the lash extension bonds. Our premium set includes a foaming lash bath/lash wash, a mascara brush and a cleansing brush. In addition, our lash cleanser is all-natural, nipagin and sulfate-free. Even if you keep your eyes open during the cleaning process, it remains free of irritation.
Product NameAmelie Lash Washing Kit No Allergic
MaterialTransparent liquid
Size30ml, 60ml, 100ml, 120ml
OEMEyelash extension tool
Featureeyelash extension use / soft / silicon high quality
Usage placeeyelash extension / color drawing / massage
Multiple bottle packages for choosing
Bottle Size and Color
Normal Size: 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, 120ml
Bottle Color: please see the picture belowLash Cleanser

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